best bitcoin exchanges in india

Best Bitcoin Exchanges In India: [Complete Guide]

Best Bitcoin Exchanges In India


When the year 2017 began, Bitcoin was—sort of—an unknown entity, sitting at a price point of $960.

The overall cryptocurrency market capital, as on 1st Jan 2017, was lurking around $17.7 billion.

The story, which was about to unfold for cryptocurrencies, later in the year, is nothing short of a fairy tale.

The market boomed multi-fold and the $17.7 billion figure became half a trillion—at the time of writing the post. Also, Bitcoin’s value swelled multi folds in this period, and even achieved $19000 mark, for a short span.

Long story short, something what was little known, at the start of 2017, isn’t so unknown anymore.

The inherent problem, that still persists with Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies in general, is that there is a sharp learning curve for an investor.


Best Bitcoin Exchanges In India

The “lack of knowledge”, “absence of many reliable information resources” and the “nature of the industry” makes trading cryptocurrencies a daunting task for an average person.

The pain surges furthermore, if the cryptocurrency one wants to invest in, is not available to buy with the fiat currency of the country.

Up until very recently, the Indian cryptocurrency diaspora was also tackling these issues, as Indian crypto investors & traders did not have too many options to choose from.

But year 2017 has come about as a year of transformation, not only for the cryptocurrency market, but also for the Indian contribution to it.

There are a lot of exchanges currently functional in India, and Indian investors have got a plethora of options to choose from.

Cryptoniam does a thorough research and brings to you the best available options to buy/sell, hold & trade cryptocurrencies in India—at the time of writing the post:


ZebPay is India’s biggest Bitcoin exchange that has been around from the year 2012. Although, back in 2012 it was called, which was later rebranded to Zebpay in September 2014.

As on today, Zebpay is a mobile only—both iOS & Android—exchange that only offers Bitcoin services. Zebpay’s customers can buy, sell, store & spend Bitcoin using the wallets provided to them. The company’s headquarter is based out of Ahmedabad, India.




The founding member of was Mahin Gupta who later joined hands with two more partners i.e. Saurabh Agrawal and Sandeep Goenka, before rebranded the company to Zebpay.




◊   Mobile app is available and hence trading on the go is a breeze;

◊   Both Android & iOS apps are available;

◊   The user interface is intuitive and user friendly. Involves minimum learning curve for the new user;

◊   A reliable company with strong names behind it;

◊   Safe and secured platform;

◊   Good customer support.




◊   Zebpay is a mobile only platform and hence people without a smartphone can’t use their services;

◊   The Buy prices of Bitcoin on Zebpay are relatively higher than some of its nearest competitions;

◊   The Buy & Sell price difference is substantial;

◊   Bitcoin only (till now) and hence investors interested in other cryptocurrency can’t use Zebpay’s platform.



Unocoin is one of the leading Bitcoin companies in India. With a mission of “bringing Bitcoin to Billions”, Unocoin started their operations in July 2013, in Tumakuru, Karnataka.

Having started in 2013, Unocoin belongs to the league of early entrants into the Bitcoin space in India. Today, majority of their operations are run from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Unocoin enables users to buy, sell, store, use & accept Bitcoin with ease. Unocoin offers its services via website and as well as through mobile apps.

Some big time venture capital firms have invested in Unocoin. The list includes the likes of “Digital Currency Group”, “boostVC”, “Blume Ventures”, “Funders Club”, “DI”, “Mumbai Angels”, “Huiyin Blockchain Venture”, “Future/Perfect Ventures” etc., just to name a few.

Unocoin also provides a Merchant payment gateway, which enables online businesses to accept payments in the form of Bitcoin.




The core team is comprised of Co-Founder & CEO, Sathvik Vishwanath; Co-Founder, Chief Financial and Compliance Officer, Harish BV; Co-Founder & CMO Abhinand Kaseti; and Co-Founder & President Sunny Ray.

Each one of them possess year of engineering & entrepreneurial experience in IT and marketing industries.




◊   Website portal & Mobile app, both are available and hence user can choose the platform of his or her preference;

◊   Both Android & iOS apps are available;

◊   The web & phone interface is easy & user friendly;

◊   One of the early entrants and backed by strong names from the investor community;




◊   Unocoin’s Bitcoin prices are relatively higher than other platforms, most of the times;

◊   The KYC and fund deposit process gets halted a number of times, due to huge influx of people in the space;

◊   Transfer of Bitcoin from Unocoin to other exchanges takes more than usual time, as majority of these transactions are done manually by Unocoin team members;

◊   The Buy & Sell price difference is substantial.

◊   Bitcoin only (till now) and hence investors interested in other cryptocurrency can’t use Unocoin’s platform.


Bitxoxo was Co-Founded by Hesham Rehman in August 2016, with a very specific aim in mind i.e. “to deliver Bitcoins at everyone’s doorstep”.

They also happen to be the first Bitcoin exchange in India that has launched a physical Bitcoin ‘Pre-Paid’ gift card.

Bitxoxo promises to provide finest services of buying, selling, holding & using Bitcoin for users not just in India, but also abroad.

All of Bitxoxo’s services are available to the user for free, yes that’s right! At 0% fee, Bitxoxo is committed to create the whole Bitcoin buying, selling, holding & gifting experience, memorable and easy for its valuable customers.

The company’s headoffice is based out in Warangal, Telangana.




The team behind is composed of Hesham Rehman, Co-Founder & CEO and Archit Tyagi, CFO.




◊   First Bitcoin exchange to provide physical prepaid Bitcoin gift cards;

◊   Bitxoxo does not levy any service fee upon its valuable customers;

◊   Both Android & iOS mobile apps are available for the traders to make use of;

◊   Plans of on boarding other popular cryptocurrencies are in place. The to-be added currencies are ‘Ripple’, ‘Bitcoin Cash’ & ‘Ethereum’;

◊   They have real time trading and their Bitcoin rates are one among the very best.




◊   Lesser known Bitcoin exchange in India;

◊   Since its inception happened only last year, it does not have a really long proven track record.


With an aim of “Connecting India to Bitcoin”, CoinSecure was established in June 2014, by a couple of early Bitcoin enthusiast.

The company had raised around $1.2 million from an undisclosed Angel Investor group in the year 2016. Company has its head office in Delhi, India.




The Co-Founder & CEO, Mohit Kalra is an Angel Investor & was India’s earliest and largest Bitcoin Miner.

Benson Samuel, Co-Founder & CTO is an early adopter of Bitcoin, who also happens to love coding in Scala.

The COO & Center Head, Jincy Samuel is one of the first female entrant into the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency space.




◊   CoinSecure’s Bitcoin prices are comparatively cheaper, when compared to other providers;

◊   As per CoinSecure, they are the fastest & 24/7 realtime Bitcoin trading platform;

◊   Low trading fee;

◊   They have facility of automated Bitcoin deposits & withdrawals;

◊   Also, CoinSecure is the first Bitcoin exchange in India that provides a REST API;

◊   The Buy & Sell prices are very close to each other, which gives a real value to the Bitcoin seller on this platform;

◊   Website as well as a mobile app available.




◊   Their platform gets clogged and withdrawals & deposits of funds on to the system becomes difficult;

◊   The fierce competition in the Bitcoin exchange space in India, CoinSecure lags on the promotions front.


Without a doubt, at present, Koinex is India’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange in India. It is a pioneer in the Indian cryptocurrency space with a complete exchange, offering multiple cryptocurrencies on a single platform.

Since its inception, on 25th September 2017, Koinex has been aiming at “bringing the magic of Blockchain technology to India”. The head office of the company is operational in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It’s a real-time peer-to-peer trading platform, where users can buy and sell five cryptocurrencies (at the moment) on a unified platform. ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Bitcoin Cash’, ‘Ethereum’, ‘Ripple’ & ‘Litecoin’ are the five currencies that are being traded on the Koinex platform.




The team behind Koinex, is a group of passionate technologists and product designers, who believe in Blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies. Koinex has been Co-Founded by Aditya Naik, Rahul Raj (CEO) & Rakesh Yadav.




◊   Very fast and secured cryptocurrency platform;

◊   Cryptocurrency platform with multiple cryptocurrency offerings;

◊   Very low trading fee;

◊   Easy cash deposits & withdrawals;

◊   Peer-to-Peer trading & hence one gets the best price, either at buying or selling.




◊   Sometimes, due to high demand, the KYC process or INR withdrawal process gets halted;

◊   Do not offer their services on a mobile app. Could be a bummer for those who want to trade on the go, but can’t, because of the lack of mobile apps;

◊   Still a very young company and does not have a proven track record.


ThroughBit is a startup, based out of Bengaluru. The platform offered by ThroughBit supports buying, selling, holding & trading Bitcoin, Ethereum & INR-Falcon.

The INR-Falcon is their in-house intermediary cryptocurrency, which is pegged to INR. That is the value of 1 INR-Falcon will always remain to be 1 INR.

The company is totally bootstrapped till now and have plans of expanding into new geographies soon.

ThroughBit is trying to focus on serving its customers with utmost sincerity, in order to enthrill  trust into the minds of their customers.




The team behind ThroughBit is a mix of individuals from varied backgrounds. The core team is comprised of Abhishek Gopal - Co-Founder & CEO, Anandaprabhu Rajendran - Co-Founder & COO, Mohammed Roshan - Co-Founder & CTO, Rahul Murali - Growth Hacker, Kumaraswamy B.E. - Growth Hacker & Kuldeep N.B. - Software Engineer.




◊   Multiple currency support;

◊   They have an intermediary cryptocurrency that allows traders to handle the market fluctuations, in a better way;

◊   Multiple buy/sell bids can be placed at any point in time. This feature will soon be available;

◊   They have kept the customer experience in the epicentre, while designing their website. The platform is very easy to navigate and get familiar with;

◊   Easily accessible team, and committed to serve well;

◊   Prompt customer support.




◊   Fierce competition from already established players like Zebpay, Unocoin & CoinSecure;

◊   Relatively new company with no track record to bank upon;

◊   The prices of Bitcoin & Ethereum are almost same as that of the competition and hence do not inspire people to make that switch;

◊   No mobile app available yet. Although, it will come out in due course of time.


Coinome is touted to be India’s next generation digital assets exchange, primarily based out of Mumbai. It’s a 24/7 exchange (like all others), built to offer feature rich user experience to its customers.

They also strive to offer services without any downtime, and yet without compromising on the security aspect.

The Coinome platform provides options of buying and selling 3 cryptocurrencies, at the moment, namely ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Bitcoin Cash’ & ‘Litecoin’.

They have implemented a ‘Maker’ & ‘Taker’ trading concept, where ‘Makers’ are incentivized with 0% fee, as their orders make the liquidity in a market. The ‘Taker’ gets levied with 0.3% as the trade fee.

The start-up company has been bought by BillDesk, a Mumbai based Billion Dollar Payments-Gateway Company.




◊  Peer-to-Peer trading platform;

◊  Multiple cryptocurrency support;

◊  Intuitive user interface;

◊  Offers advance features & maximum security;

◊  Quick fund deposits and secure withdrawal;

◊  A renowned financial player, BillDesk, owns the platform, which adds up the credibility to the company.




◊  Pretty new exchange and not many people know about it, yet;

◊  Similar platforms with more number of cryptocurrencies are already available on the market, and hence there is strong competition.


Started in September 2017, CoinDelta is a made, with love & party, in India platform. Keeping the aim of “bringing India closer to Blockchain” in mind.

The peer-to-peer platform has one of the most advanced trading system available right now. The USP of CoinDelta is its "low fees", "24/7 customer support", "fastest settlement process", "reliability" & "high performance".

They have implemented a ‘Maker’ & ‘Taker’ trading concept, where ‘Makers’ are incentivized with 0% fee, as their orders make the liquidity in a market. The ‘Taker’ gets levied with 0.3% as the trade fee.

CoinDelta offers a plethora of cryptocurrencies to trade. Initially the platform was launched with four major cryptocurrencies i.e. ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Ethereum’, ‘Litecoin’ & ‘OmiseGO’.

In the subsequent month, QTUM-INR, QTUM-BTC, XRP-INR and XRP-BTC markets were also added onto the platform.




The CoinDelta platform was Co-Founded by Shubham Yadav & Rajdeep Singh.




◊   Very fast and secured cryptocurrency platform;

◊   Cryptocurrency platform with highest cryptocurrency offerings, at the moment;

◊   Very low trading fee;

◊   Easy cash deposits & withdrawals;

◊   Peer-to-Peer trading & hence one gets the best price, either at buying or selling.




◊   Sometimes, the KYC process could become tedious and 2 factor authentication setup does not give a seamless experience (from personal experience);

◊   Web only platform & lack a mobile apps;

◊   Still a very young company and does not have a proven track record.

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