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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency MarketWatch: As on 16th December

Bitcoin & cryptocurrency marketwatch

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency MarketWatch


The cryptocurrency market has been brimming with confidence and the exuberance of investors–new and old–has led the the charge; driving the overall market-cap across the $550 Billion figure ($554 Billion to be precise).

It wasn’t too long ago–on 12th Dec–that the cryptocurrencies market had touched the 0.5 Trillion mark for the first time. The scale and pace, at with with the money is being pumped into the system–to be honest–is scary!

Just to put things not perspective, let me give you a small comparison. At the start of 2017, the complete cryptocurrency market was worth approximately $14.5 Billion.

And now, just in the span of 4 days, we have already seen the influx of approximately $54 Billion.

Bitcoin’s Position


Bitcoin is sitting pretty at the numero-uno position with a market cap of circa $307.36 Billion; Bitcoin’s dominance prevails with 55.1%, on the market.

Current price of Bitcoin–at the time of writing the post–is $18355, up by 2.15% from yesterday.

Marketshare of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies


The euphoric & manic surge in the market has raised a lot of question. Questions such as “Is Bitcoin really a bubble?”, “Is it too early too quickly?”, “Have we earned this growth?” etc.

Vitalik Buterin, on the occasion of hitting the $0.5 Trillion figure, raised a series of questions. He tweeted and asked:

“So total cryptocoin market cap just hit $0.5T today. But have we *earned* it?”

Other Gainers of the day


Ethereum: Ethereum regained its $700 mark. Currently trading at $695, with a rise of 3.42% from yesterday.

Carnado: Carnado occupies the 8th spot on the top 10 cryptocurrency list (based on market-cap) and is currently trading at $0.264.

Quantum: QTUM surged by a staggering 49.2%, taking its price close to $30.

TRON: TRON also saw an uprise of 43.6%, which takes its price near to $0.0237.

WaBi: WaBi also rose by 70%, in the last 24 hours. The currency trading value of WaBi is %1.73.