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BitPay Integrates ShapeShift

BitPay Integrates ShapeShift

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Difficulties with Cryptocurrency Trading


Trading cryptocurrencies hasn't been so easy in the past, as exchanging or shifting or swapping cryptocurrencies between each other has been a magnanimous task. However, this story is about to take a u-turn pretty soon.


BitPay Integrates ShapeShift


Atlanta based payment processor ‘BitPay’ and digital asset exchanger ‘Shapeshift’ have announced a partnership to provide instant Bitcoin to Bitcoin cash trades.

The BitPay team has integrated the open-source ShapeShift API into the Bitpay and Copay wallet apps to provide users the ability to swap between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The announcement was made in a blogpost on January 18, 2018.

Prior to the integration, BitPay & Copay wallet owners could only hold Bitcoin. Now with this integration, ShapeShift’s famous exchanging service or swapping of cryptocurrencies will be available in BitPay and Copay wallets by default. Users can now shift between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash to hold and spend balances in both currencies, or in just one.

This integration is in lines with the announcement made last month by BitPay about integrating multiple chains in the coming future, starting with Bitcoin cash.

Following the integration announcement, Stephen Pair CEO of BitPay said, “ShapeShift has built a powerful service for blockchain payment users. We’re excited to be working with them to give more choice to BitPay and CoPay wallet users in how they save, store and spend their money.

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees added,

We’re excited to be integrating with a company that so successfully expanded the reach of the Bitcoin community. With a similar mindset, ShapeShift increases access to the constellation of blockchains innovating and gaining popularity in our ecosystem. Allowing wallet apps to seamlessly exchange between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash meets real demand for flexibility among BitPay and Copay users