Bitquence rebranded to Ethos

Bitquence Rebranded to Ethos: All You Need to Know

Bitquence Rebranded to Ethos

After a lot of hype and anticipation, at last on 20th Nov 2017, Bitquence rebranded to Ethos. For Bitquence, the change of name was on the cards for quite some time now. The Bitquence’s community, on social media, was also being engaged to submit their entries for a new name, for their beloved cryptocurrency named Bitquence. As it turned out, ‘Ethos’ was ultimately finalized as the name for the cryptocurrency that calls itself “The people-powered cryptocurrency platform”.

The news of rebranding was tweeted by Bitquence on their official Twitter handle:

"We are thrilled to unveil our new rebrand. Bitquence is now Ethos."

An Open Letter to the community, from Shingo Lavine, Founder & CEO of Ethos, was later on tweeted:

Shinzo started the letter by thanking the community that has made Ethos what it is today. He went on to explain how cryptocurrencies, even today, are a black hole for the majority. How difficult it is to understand and trade cryptocurrencies, even today. His later part was more related to how Ethos can be a life savor for that majority , who still do not have the know-how of crypto trading.

As per Shingo, the core values upon which Ethos stands are "Security, Safety, Trust, Knowledge & Community".


Price Action

As soon as Bitquence rebranded to Ethos, the Ethos community–formally know as Bitquence community–came into action. The prices of Bitquence (BQX), that were rising steadily for the last few days, spiked to reach attain its all time high figure of $2.08 in a matter of hour. Although, the prices have retracted ever since and Ethos (ETHOS) is currently trading at around $1.73–at the time of writing this article.

Bitquence rebranded to Ethos

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