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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Health Care

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Health Care

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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Health Care


The human body is strange and unpredictable, it has many secrets and does not divulge them to anyone except those who wait and continuously learn. Though in last twenty years, medical sciences had major discoveries & progress, still we are yet to unwind the mysteries of human body. Medical professionals still make errors while providing treatment to the patients. Surveys conducted in 2016 have indicated that medical errors are one of the most common reasons for cause of death. So how do we come out of it or detect such errors? Experts say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be very handy in detecting such deaths. Artificial Intelligence in Medical field is one area where all the corporates across the globe investing heavily and trying to come out with a solution. To add on AI in healthcare industry is estimated to be around $200 billion in next 5 years.


Skychain Global


Skychain Global is one such company which has pledged to revolutionize the medical diagnostics market. Skychain global was founded by Gennady Popov, who is also the CEO of highly successful WSS-Consulting. The project team includes ‘Ivan Svistunov’ (blockchain expert), experienced programmers and advisors from the areas of digital medicine, neural networks, government officials and business development.

Skychain is currently in the process of developing a platform that promises to increase the efficiency and accuracy of AI in medicine.  The core idea of Skychain is to unite a single smart contract between the owners of big-data in the field of medicine, AI developers, Crypto miners and Consumers (Doctors/ Patients). Skychain’s project aims to use Blockchain to provide an open infrastructure based on Blockchain principles to train and use AI systems/ neural networks in medical care. Skychain’s white paper reveals very ambitious target of conquering 70% of the AI market in healthcare industry through their distributed open network system of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), which can diagnose patients and prescribe treatments. Skychain will also be of assistance to insurance companies by providing an independent third-party opinion.

Skychain ICO


Skychain’s ICO for 36 million Skychain tokens (SCH) will start from Feb 26, 2018 with a price of $1 per SCH token. According to the current plan, Skychain will continue conducting their roadshow by exhibiting at various conferences around the world, including Blockchain conferences in India and Russia. They are aiming to build the infrastructure by June 2018 and be fully operational & leader in the space by June 2019.


Proof of Concept


To validate their concept before the ICO, Skychain demonstrated the AI diagnostics on Feb 20, 2018 in Russia. In the demonstration, the AI system and the doctors on the other end attempted to diagnose melanoma, breast cancer and heart disease independently. Results are exciting and AI seems to have provided more accurate diagnosis. The Ai system was found to deliver wrong results for 4%-14% of the cases whereas doctors wrongly diagnosed 18%-32%. Moreover, Skychain spent an average of 0.1 seconds for each diagnosis, while the doctors required around 20-30 seconds.

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