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Market on Correction Course | BTC Dropped Below 11K Later Recovered

BTC dropped below 11k

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Cryptocurrency Markets on Correction Course


It has been one of those days today, when an average crypto trader feels chills in his/her spine while gazing at their Blockfolio. 

Having witnessed unprecedented heights in the last few days, today crypto market decided to take a detour to the corrections-land. From yesterday's top figure of $654 Billion, the cryptocurrency market-cap bottomed out to $418.3 Billion.

The total market-cap shrunk by almost 36%, at its lowest point. Although market did reclaimed some of its lost ground, as the total market-cap–at the time of writing the post–is at $483 Billion.


Top 10 Coins by Market-cap


The below snapshot is testimony to the fact that red could be officially termed as the color of the day.

BTC Dropped Below 11K


From yesterday's highest price point of $17,541, Bitcoin's price got corrected to go below $11,000, but later recovered a little to attain the 13,000 mark, once again.


These type of days are nothing but expected after a rigorous upwards trends, from the past few days. I the previous correction trends are anything to be believed, market will be well on it's way up pretty soon, only to go beyond its previous All Time High figures.

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