Cryptomatoes: Innovative Agriculture & CryptoMining

Crypto Mining + Innovative Agriculture = Cryptomatoes


Last few years there have been major concerns around energy requirements for mining cryptocurrencies. Major corporates and big traders have gone upto the extend of buying power plants to ensure continuous supply of electricity for crypto mining. Different initiatives have been undertaken across the globe to fulfill the dependency of electricity like using renewable energy etc. However, now innovators have started going on the other side of the value chain. Leading the trend is the co-founder of the trading platform Nakamato X, ‘Kamil Brejcha’. Czech based Kamil Brejcha has very cleverly presented a live use case where excess heat from crypto mining is used to grow edible crops. 
Couple of days back, Kamil Brejcha posted a photo of large bunches of tomatoes that were grown using excess heat from cryptocurrency mining. Just to refresh, cryptocurrency mining is a process in which transactions are verified and added to blockchain thereby creating new coins and tokens. Irrespective of type of device used i.e., a classic PC, Servers or high-end mining rigs/ hardware, crypto mining requires tremendous amount of computing power. 
Brejcha elaborated by revealing that he had created a custom house for bitcoin servers, where heat is harnessed and sent to five-acre greenhouse where tomatoes are being cultivated. Brejcha further said that the project is currently in “stealth mode” and his team who are growing cryptomatoes are building an “Agritechture Blockchain Startup.” Brejcha further said that,

“We are also producing our own energy — The mining operations are powered by 100% bio-waste produced energy — So basically we have closed the energy cycle loop.”

Brejcha had initially planned for growing medical marijuana. However, due to strict rules they could not secure license and therefore opted for tomatoes.

Other Initiatives


In France, a startup named ‘Quarnot’ has innovated a cryptomining heater which can pay for itself by harnessing the reserves of heat generated through the mining process to heat a user’s home. The design of the miner is also unique, as this box has heating conductors to amplify the heat production of the machine itself. There is a Linux operating system on board for users who wish to mine various cryptocurrencies, but for most basic users, mining Ethereum will be more than sufficient.

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