Michael Owen Scores with His Crypto Coin

Former Liverpool Star Michael Owen Scores With His Crypto Coin

Former Liverpool Star Michael Owen Scores with His Crypto Coin


The former goal machine of Liverpool Football club ‘Michael Owen’ who represented England at the international level and played for Real Madrid Football Club, has now entered the world of cryptocurrency. The soccer star has partnered with Singapore based Global Crypto Currency (GCOX) to issue a cryptocurrency with his name - the ‘OWN’ coin. As per the current plan, tokens would be launched in next quarter and would be used to buy merchandise or make donations to charities chosen by athletes. Further, the token will be connected to the tutorial program Owen is developing and soccer training centers.

Speaking to media houses Owen said,

The career of a sportsman is quite short and there remains a life to live after retirement.” After retiring 5 years back at the age of 33, Owen has been exploring different business opportunities. Despite the risks in cryptocurrencies, Owen considers technology as a good platform for celebrities like him to interact one-on-one with fans. Further he said, “The world evolves, and I think sometimes you've got to be brave. And when you associate yourself with the best, then I think you can eliminate most of that risk.”

GCOX (Global Crypto Currency Exchange)


GCOX endorses itself as the world’s first celebrity cryptocurrency exchange. In brief, it is a blockchain based startup that allows celebrities to create their own digital currencies “celebrity tokens” that can be used by fans to pay for star’s exclusive content. GCOX hopes to make money through transaction fees. The startup is raising private investment and will come out with its first ICO in second quarter of next Financial year.

There is another similar startup firm ‘TokenStars’ that calls themselves, the first blockchain company to massively tokenize celebrities.

Celebrity-Crypto intersection


Businesses are continuously trying to capitalize on the intersection of sports and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to grab money from investors in the hot ICO market. Owen is second sports celebrity to endorse cryptocurrency after popular Filipino boxer & politician ‘Manny Pacquiao’.

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  1. This is interesting, because I have information that a lot of former Premier league football players invested money in SportCoin that is gonna be launched soon. So this is perfect moment for GCOX and crisis situation for newcomers. Michael is a big name all over the world. He played in England and USA.

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