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Iranian Banker Wants Cryptocurrency Recognition

Iranian Banker Wants Cryptocurrency Recognition

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Iranian Banker Wants Cryptocurrency Recognition


An Iranian banker wants Cryptocurrency recognition in his country. A senior member of Iran's biggest bank has announced open support for cryptocurrencies, and has called for their acceptance and recognition in the Iranian banking system.

Masoud Khatouni, deputy for IT & Communications Network at Bank Melli Iran said:

"Iran must formally recognize activities using digital currencies as they are currently shaping the future of banking. Banks themselves must also enter this field to use them,"

As per Masoud Khatouni, the Central Bank of Iran must slowly but surely move towards the digital currency space by penning a roadmap. The first step on the path could be the creation of a domestic cryptocurrency.

The Central Bank of Iran had previously announcement their plans of making their stance clear – regarding cryptocurrencies – by the end of the first half of the next Iranian fiscal year in September. But till then, the Central Bank has repeatedly urged people, of Iran, to remain cautious while dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Khatouni emphasized on the fact that cryptocurrencies can help Iran from its international sanctions problem. Also in his opinion, the implementation of cryptocurrencies in the country should be on transparent grounds. The businesses and citizens should be allowed to make use of cryptocurrencies without any limitations.

"The future of banking throughout the world is intertwined with digital currencies, which are entering the banks silently as most banks remain oblivious to their presence,"

He further added that regulators must formulate a specialized group for cryptocurrencies that will be responsible for devising regulations, based on the experiences and acceptance of digital currencies globally.

Although, like a number of other nation's regulators – on the topic of digital currencies – Iranian regulators also have shown mixed signals, and are keeping an eye on this space, as a measure of caution.

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