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MyEtherWallet Hacked? At least thats what Blue claims!

myetherwallet hacked

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MyEtherWallet Hacked at DNS Level


MyEtherWallet hacked! Claims 'Blue', "the only secure ERC20 token" (in their own words). 

From Blue's official twitter handle a series of tweets were posted, reporting a security breach on the MyEtherWallet.


The Blue team while stating how safe their wallet is, claimed that "the official MyEtherWallet website is compromised on the DNS level in some regions."

Blue's twitter account kept spitting fine on MyEtherWallet and suggested users to stay safe my sending their funds to other hardware wallets or to the Blue wallet. Unsurprisingly Blue made sure to make people know how secure their wallet it, over MyEtherWallet. Just hope, this revelation is not part of some professional vendetta.

The Blue team kept churning out tweets after tweets, which seemed like a promotion campaign for themselves than anything!

The FUD against MEW can only work in the favor of Blue. 

MyEtherWallet's Response


MyEtherWallet responded to the charges through their official twitter account.

They were definitely not amused with the whole situation and the way 'Blue' has painted the picture, can we blame them?