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Neo Joins 100 Dollar Club | Ethereum of China on the move

neo joins 100 dollar club

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Neo Joins 100 Dollar Club


Fondly referred to as the 'Ethereum' of China, Neo joins 100 dollar club,  amidst the biggest rally that Atl coins' markets have ever seen.

On the 3rd of Jan 2018, Neo finally broke into the elite club of cryptocurrencies having three figure valuation per coin. Approximately at around 22:04 UTC, Neo touched the milestone of attaining $100 value.

The current market cap for Neo–at the time of press–is at $6.803 Billion, with 65 Million (out of its total supply of 100 Million) in circulation. 

Neo's History


Not too long ago, Neo had dipped to as low as $13, after the China FUD, when Chinese regulators had banned all cryptocurrency exchanges in China.

After this dip, Neo almost remained on and around the $30 mark for what felt like eternity. Finally by the mid of November 2017, the Chinese Blockchain platform again gained some traction. Ever since, it has only been moving upwards.

Ranked at number 13, by market cap, Neo is being traded at $105.47. Its current price is up by 9.9% from yesterday. Although China has banned all cryptocurrency exchanges in Chinese territory, but Neo has always enjoyed the support from the Chinese government.


Reason for Increase in Price 


The primary reason for the surge in prices and increased traction in Neo, is its upcoming DevCon conference. Neo's DevCon conference is going to be held at San Fransisco, USA, on 30th & 31st Jan 2018.

How long will Neo continue to have its merry way? Only time will tell, further surge in its prices are quite possible, as the event DevCon approaches.

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