Oxford Blockchain University

Oxford Professors to Start Blockchain University

Few of the Oxford University Professors are working rigorously to establish first ever “Blockchain University“.According to the team, Blockchain contracts can contribute significantly in democratizing the higher education.

Blockchain University
As per the media houses, the University will adopt the traditional Oxbridge course and collegiate structure by focusing on individual tutorial led modules that would be available both online as well as offline. The University’s intent would be to “geographically agnostic” and build a “borderless” academic community over local or national ties.

Woolf Development Professors
The team of academics behind ‘Woolf Development’ is led by ‘Joshua Broggi‘, Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford. As per one of the White Paper’s released by Woolf, Blockchain based University will be able to address many of the blockers like high tution fees, bureaucracy, administartive costs, underpaid academic teaching jobs.

Dr Borggi while speaking to media houses mentioned that, Woolf is seeking full degree granting authority in the European Union and has offered a clear pathway to full accreditation in two European jurisdictions.

He further said that, “We are using a blockchain to enforce regulatory compliance and provide high degrees of data security, so that regulators have the confidence to provide global teaching activities with accreditation in Europe. So a Woolf student in Madras with a Woolf teacher in New York will earn an EU Woolf degree.”

Starting Date
As per the plan, Woolf’s first college, Ambrose, is set to launch in fall 2018. The proposed fees are set to $400 per tutorial, or $19,200 per year “before scholarships.” A native, fully pre-mined ERC20-compliant WOOLF token will be used for faculty compensation, the university’s budget, project developments, and voting on the platform’s governance.

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