SAP launches Blockchain Platform

SAP launches BlockChain Platform

Global Software giant ‘SAP’ has launched a Blockchain Platform, specifically designed to help companies develop applications and networks using Blockchain technology. On the sidelines of Sapphire Customer Conference, SAP announced that it was making SAP Leonardo Blockchain is a cloud based solution and will be made available.

During the conference, SAP announced that their cloud based solution will provide enterprises a framework to build business applications on top of BlockChain systems such as Hyperledger Fabric (BlockChain platform launched by Linux Foundation) and Multi-chain SAP HANA data management system. The company said in the announcement that the work is being formally rolled out after it has worked with 65 companies within its Blockchain Co-Innovation Initiative that trialed blockchain applications in various industries such as supply chain, manufacturing, transportation, food and pharmaceuticals.

SAP’s Senior Vice President (Product & Innovation) and Head of Digital Customer initiatives, ‘Gil Perez’ mentioned that most of the customers they are talking to are in the proof of concept stage, but not so early that SAP doesn’t want to provide a service to help move them along the maturity curve.

In addition to its co-innovation program, SAP has also announced it is forming a Blockchain consortium, members of which are entitled to use tech developed by the group. Notable firms in the consortium currently include HP Enterprise, Intel and UPS. The work marks SAP as the latest tech giant that has rolled out a platform for Blockchain application development, following similar works done by Microsoft, IBM and China’s Baidu and Tencent.

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