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Satoshi Nakamoto an Estonian Cryptographer! Says LA lawyer

Satoshi Nakamoto an Estonian

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Satoshi Nakamoto an Estonian


Satoshi Nakamoto an Estonian! Don't believe it? At least the Los Angeles based layer Justin Sobaje throughly believes so. 

Justin Sobaje is convinced that the Estonian cryptographer Helger Lipmaa is the mysterious personality, hidden behind the pseudonym called 'Satoshi Nakamoto'.

With today's Bitcoin price, Satoshi Nakamoto's net Bitcoin worth stands at a staggering $14.8 Billion, and yet no one really has any idea as to who owns that wealth. In the past as well, many have made claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto, but none of those claims ever had anything to be taken seriously. As a matter of fact, the speculations say that Satoshi Nakamoto is not just one individual, and rather a group of people.

Helper Lipman is a senior researcher from the University of Tartu's Computer Science Institute.

Circumstantial Evidence Presented by Sobaje


Sobaje's theory is based on Lipmaa's enormous proficiency and experience in the time-stamp technology space. Sobaje thinks that the original paper – published by Nakamoto in 2008 – was also written by Lipmaa, based on similarities in the way punctuations are used.

In order to author the paper, as per Sobaje, the writer must have possessed extensive time-stamp & hash tree knowledge. Which Lipmaa has, as he had written about these in 1990.

Interestingly, Nakamoto's original paper made references in eight instances, of which three of them are make to Lipmaa's 1999 doctoral thesis.

"Satoshi was an experienced C++ programmer. Lipmaa created a time-stamp program when he worked for Cybernetica,"

- Justin Sobaje

The Birthday Theory


It is believed that the birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto is 5th Apr 1975. Whereas the birthday of Lipmaa is very close i.e. 8th Apr 1972. Sobaje's theory says that 3 from the date has been removed and added to the year and hence eight became five, whereas the year 1972 became 1975 (with the addition of 3).

The Pseudonym Creation


Satoshi Nakamoto was formulated with the amalgamation of names of three scientists i.e. Satoshi Obana, Junko Nakajima, & Takeshi Okamoto. The aforesaid scientists have a mention on Lipmaa's website, and the japanese handle was created by using these names, believes Sobaje.

Lipmaa Rejects the Claims


Lipmaa outright rejected the claims by saying "I'm certainly not Satoshi and I don't understand how he got to my name of all things,".

An under-appreciated connection between blockchain and time-stamp technology is being brought to the public by Sobaje, which isn't entirely accurate, says Lipmaa.

With Lipmaa invalidating the claims made by Sobaje, i think we will have to wait for a little more, before the real mystery man comes out in public. Or will it ever happen?

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