Upcoming ICO in November

Upcoming ICO in November: List of Five

The Upcoming ICO In November


The upcoming ICO in November are listed below:

Sl No: ICO Short Code ICO Opening Date ICO Closing Date
1 STACK SKT 13-NOV-2017 24-NOV-2017
2 NAPOLEON X NPX 12-NOV-2017 4-JAN-2018
3 SHARPE CAPITAL SHP 13-NOV-2017 13-DEC-2017
4 AMMBR AMMBR 14-NOV-2017 14-DEC-2017



Upcoming ICO in November

STACK is a finance platform that banks upon the philosophy of making the usage of money, free to everyone. It is implemented as an ERC20 token on public Ethereum blockchain. It is a substitute to customary banking which sanctions you to access money from your smartphone instantly from anywhere and storing it securely. The STACK wallet at any, point of sale, provides you with an instantaneous cryptocurrency payments. This is achieved by incorporating ‘financial services’ and ‘cryptocurrencies’ into mainstream.



Upcoming ICO in November

As part of QPaas’s offerings, an open online computer driven asset management platform has been created, for the benefit of the Cryptocurrency holders. This is performed by applying quantitative strategies such as ‘Trading Bots’ from world class traders. Every Crypto-fund will be committed to a specific ‘Asset Class’ that implements Smart Contracts to improvise the governance and enhance the traditional model.


Upcoming ICO in November

A blockchain startup called Sharpe Capital, via Ethereum blockchain, will be crowdsourcing the world’s best ‘Asset Sentiments’. Users who share their opinions about global equity markets can earn Ether rewards on Sharpe Platform. These rewards are paid to the SHP token holders on a quarterly basis, which are backed by the Sharpe proprietary investment fund. Machine learning technology is exploited in Sharpe proprietary investment fund to distribute returns having Sharpe ratio (typically 2.5+) with low volatility which beats the stock market consistently.

A real-time open record of all speculation activities on the blockchain is preserved with their trading ledger smart contracts. This is an efficient way of delivering the rewards in an autonomous and decentralized way to the token holders. Blockchain startup issues a fully-regulated crypto-security token, which is subjected to obtaining regulatory sign-off. Allotting Sharpe Crypto-Derivative (SCD) tokens at a rate of 1-to-1 to all SHP holders is what their plan is. SCD a dividend-paying token, which pays an Ether profit-share to all token holders on a biannual basis and does performance tracking of the Sharpe proprietary fund.


Upcoming ICO in November

Headquarter of AMMBR Foundation is in Singapore, it’s a non-profit organization. It’s main focus is at building a Wireless Mesh Telecommunication Network Worldwide, with the help of Advanced Wireless Network Technologies and Blockchain. Ammbr Network (AN) would be helpful in abridging the last-mile gap exclusively in the countries that are less developed, which were badly handled by the Traditional Internet Service Provider. AN is composed of a well known called “Ammbr units”(AU).

These AUs basically act as the advanced routers and exchange data with one another. This grants Internet access to the end users, mainly in the regions with poor Internet coverage. Since technology used in building these AUs is Advanced and Wireless & hence helps it cover longer distances with flexibility. The intricacies of the device will nowhere hamper the user experience. The experience would remain collateral to what a standard router offers to the user whenever he/she uses a LAN to connect to Internet.


Upcoming ICO in November

RootProject is a crowdfunding platform modelled newly for the public projects and charity purposes. It not just brought change in urban public policies but also incorporated society's most vulnerable layers with ICO investors.



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