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Want Fast, Cheap Payments, then use Bitcoin Cash Says Civic’s CEO

use Bitcoin Cash Says Civic's CEO

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Want Fast & Cheap Payments?


If you want fast & cheap payments then use Bitcoin Cash, says Civic CEO, Vinny Lingham.

On the Christmas Eve, Vinny Lingham started to put forward his views on the whole Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Cash saga, with a series of tweets.

He began with a proposal of the Block size argument where he made it clear that he isn't a big fan of "the Block size increase" section. He said:

"Let’s stop arguing about it. There is zero consensus for a block size increase for BTC in 2018."

Use Bitcoin Cash Says Civic's CEO


Moving on, Vinny tweeted about the whole "Store of Value theory for Bitcoin". He said that if one really wants fast & cheap payments then Bitcoin Cash provides that option.

On the contrary if someone buys into the whole theory of "Store of Value" for Bitcoin, then one must buy and hold it. He says: 

"If you want to buy into the Store of Value theory for Bitcoin, then buy and hold it. Mudslinging back and forth between both camps is a waste of time."

Not Happy With Both? Move to Alt Coin!


Vinny said that both parties i.e. Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash can focus on their respective versions and as a user, one can try both and decide which one enchants him or her.

If the answer is none of the two, then one might even consider switching to an Alt coin.

He further added:

"We have two experiments running - Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Core - let’s see who wins in a year’s time."

"Bitcoin Cash should use the green logo and Bitcoin should keep the orange logo. Hard to confuse them and I think it’s becoming very clear which is which."

Both are children of Genesis Block


No matter whether you are a Bitcoin evangelist or a Bitcoin Cash evangelist, the fact of the matter is, "Both are children of the genesis block", says Vinny Lingham. 

As per him, Bitcoin Cash should use a "Green logo", whereas the Bitcoin Core can continue to use their existing orange one. He says and we quote:

Bitcoin Cash has got sufficient liquidity and market-cap to back that it can't just be ignored.

Only time will tell which one finally goes and occupies the top spot in the cryptocurrency world.

He further added that if you have been invested in Bitcoin for some time, then automatically you must have both in the 1:1 ratio.


Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or any other Alt coin, 2017 has been a roller coaster ride for the cryptocurrencies market.

Going by the trends of 2017, next year has got a lot surprises concealed up it's sleeves!!

Having heard the arguments from both sides, we have decided to feature both Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash in our definitive list of best cryptocurrencies for 2018 list.

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