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Wien Energie High on Blockchain Technology

Wien Energie High on Blockchain technology

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Wien Energie High on Blockchain Technology


Wien Energie high on Blockchain technology! Austria’s biggest utility ‘Wien Energie’ is on the verge of rolling out Blockchain based Products & Services for the utility customers.

Wien Energie is currently testing a range of Blockchain Use Cases for implementation in the utility industry. Wien Energie is currently testing in ‘Viertel Zwei’, which is an office and residential area that has marked itself over the past decade as a green city district for urban living based on sustainability. Once successful, Wien Energie might quickly incorporate them in their offerings.

Right now, there focus is more on Commodity trading, however they have plans to market end-customer products soon.

While speaking to Media houses, Chief Innovation Officer ‘Astrid Schober’ told

“We are testing blockchain based services in Vienna’s Viertel Zwei and once we have collected enough experience there, we will develop business models and bring them to the market.”

Few of the areas where Wien Energie is looking at are Green electricity production, Electric car, Charging or Land registry services within reach. It is worth noting that Wien Energie is also part of Enerchain, a consortium of European utility providers that are piloting new trading platforms.
Globally, many of the Utility & Energy companies are actively looking for opportunities to utilize Blockchain technology for new Products & Services. For example, in late January the US Department of Energy announced a partnership with blockchain startup BlockCypher to explore Peer to Peer energy exchanges. Likewise, Shell, BP and others have decided to back a blockchain trading platform.

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